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About asset management company

AddressRenaissance Plaza, Build. 26 A, Shatelena str, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 194021
Date of license issue*06.04.2010
License number*21-000-1-00714
License finish date*Termless
Tel.(812) 313-05-31 / (812) 313-05-33
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* - License on operations with investment funds, mutual funds and non-government pension funds
Arsagera Asset Management Company is in a position to provide quality asset management services due to:
implementation of the task sharing principle, use of clearly defined criteria for investment decision-making and established efficient personnel incentivization system.

This enables the Company to achieve invariably high results in its asset management activities, due to the following factors:

Fund’s performance does not hinge on any specific manager (task sharing principle);
focus on scientific, rather than intuitive approach in investment decision-making process (clearly defined criteria for decision-making);
feedback (asset management performance is gauged by Risk Management Division);
employees are well-motivated to strive for high financial results (remuneration is tied to asset management performance).
Funds of Arsagera
Arsagera - Bond Fund KR 1.551 462 014.11
Arsagera - Equities 6.47 561 751.75
Arsagera - Equity Fund13 787 542.10
Arsagera - Mixed Fund3 377 180.78
Arsagera - World stocks533 211.54
Total NAV26 721 700.28