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SOLID Management, JSC

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CompanySOLID Management, JSC
Address32/A Horoshevskoye shosse, Moscow, 123007 Russia
Date of license issue*27.12.1999
License number*21-000-1-00035
License finish date*Termless
Tel.8(800) 250-70-15
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* - License on operations with investment funds, mutual funds and non-government pension funds
Asset management JSC “SOLID Management” (until 15 may 2003 – CJSC “OPTIMUM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT”) was set up in 1997 (certificate of state registration № 068.025). The parent company is OJSC “Tatneft” named after V. D. Shashin.

The Federal Commission for the Securities Market issued license № 21-000-1-00035 on December 1999 and this license authorizes the company to carry out activities related to the management of investment funds, unit investment funds, and non-state pension funds.

The company's dimensions and performance results secured it the place among the top twenty managing companies in the country. “SOLID Management” earned the following ratings: “A+", high level of reliability (Expert RA rating agency), “A”, high level of reliability (NAUFOR rating agency).
Funds of SOLID Management, JSC
Long-Term Investments - Solid608 506.63
Solid - Arab Fund for qualified investors only-
Solid - Credit Fund for qualified investors only-
Solid - MICEX Index1 484 252.41
SOLID - Rent-
Solid - Solar Fund for qualified investors only-
Solid - Zemelny Fund for qualified investors only-
Solid estate - 2 540 313.19
Solid Interval876 968.11
Solid Invest2 190 601.12
Solid Perspective138 305.06
Solid Real Estate Fund for qualified investors only-
Solid Rent - 2-
Solid Service Fund for qualified investors only-
Solid-Globus566 537.93
Total NAV6 405 484.45 *

- Fund for qualified investors

* - Funds for qualified investors are not included