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Region Portfolio Investments, Ltd.

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CompanyRegion Portfolio Investments, Ltd.
AddressRussia, 119017, Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka St., 40, p. 4, floor 7, room I, apartment 10.
Date of license issue*06.12.2000
License number*21-000-1-00039
License finish date*Termless
Tel.(495) 777-29-64 / (495) 777-29-64 (*234)
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* - License on operations with investment funds, mutual funds and non-government pension funds
REGION Investment Group has been working in the Russian securities market since 1995. The Group consists of its core - Investment Company REGION - and companies specialized in corresponding business areas: Limited liability company REGION Brokerage Company, Joint stock company Depository Company REGION, Joint stock company REGION Asset Management, Limited liability company REGION Portfolio investments, Limited liability company REGION Trust, Limited liability company REGION Development, Closed Joint-Stock company REGION Leasing.
Funds of Region Portfolio Investments, Ltd.
Agate Fund for qualified investors only-
Algorithm Fund for qualified investors only-
Industrial investment Fund for qualified investors only-
Jupiter Fund for qualified investors only-
Prime Fund for qualified investors only-
Saturn Fund for qualified investors only-
Сommercial Investments153 852 985.86
Total NAV153 852 985.86 *

- Fund for qualified investors

* - Funds for qualified investors are not included