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Asset Management CompanyDate of license issueWeb site Number of funds
Capital PIF, Ltd.17.04.200913
Capital Reserve, JSC15.07.20083
Capital Trust Asset Management. Ltd.18.01.20071
Capital Trust House03.04.20121
Capital, Ltd.01.02.200212
Capital-Trust-Invest, Ltd.18.11.20083
Capitalnye Vlozheniya, JSC05.05.20112
CapitalTrust , Ltd.17.01.20039
Center Asset Managment, JSC28.04.20128
Center Capital11.06.20131
Center Managment, Ltd.12.08.20104
Center of investment, Ltd.25.12.20082
Central Asset Management Company, JSC15.03.199914
Central Trust Company,JSC17.07.200820
City Asset Management23.08.20125
City Asset Managment, Ltd.5
CJSC “ManagementCompany “Business and Investment”31.12.20082
Clever-Profit, Ltd.29.11.20112
Closed Joint Stock Company “EFG Asset Management”04.08.20114
Coin Yard Trust, Ltd.19.12.20125
Collective Investments, JSC16.03.201020
Compas, Ltd.26.07.20071
Concordia Asset Management, JSC12.11.20028
Continent, JSC27.07.20124
Continental, JSC29.03.20117
CSP Capital Asset Management05.06.200821
Delovoy Alliance, Ltd.29.08.20061
Diana, JSC28.04.20112
Dinasty, Ltd.10.10.20127
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