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Asset Management CompanyDate of license issueWeb site Number of funds
Central Asset Management Company, JSC15.03.199913
Central Trust Company,JSC17.07.200822
CFC Direct Investments19.06.20184
City Asset Managment, Ltd.10.06.20105
CJSC “ManagementCompany “Business and Investment”31.12.20082
Coin Yard Trust, Ltd.19.12.20127
Compas, Ltd.26.07.20071
Concord Asset Management12.09.199610
Concordia Asset Management, JSC12.11.20029
CPTrust Ltd08.11.20122
CSP Capital Asset Management05.06.200836
Development Ltd15.08.20142
Diana, JSC28.04.20112
Dinasty, Ltd.10.10.20126
Dohod, Ltd.20.12.200817
DOM.RF Asset Management10.10.20166
DonTC Ltd.17.07.20174
DSK Finance, Ltd.05.07.20114
EnergoInvestKapital, Ltd12.10.20125
Energy Invest, Ltd.25.03.20021
ESE Asset Management21.03.20131
Estate Capital, JSC29.07.20103
Estate Invest10.02.20095
Eurasia, JSC12.10.201212
Eurasian Trust Asset Management, Ltd.27.04.20072
Euro Fin Trust, Ltd.11.02.20107
Eurofinances, JSC09.02.201010
Everest Asset Managment, Ltd.08.06.201239
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