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Asset Management CompanyDate of license issueWeb site Number of funds
Portfolio Investments, Ltd.06.12.200038
Pragma Capital, Ltd.06.09.201127
Private Assets07.02.200110
Privilege, Ltd.27.10.20102
Prof Expert Ltd13.12.20122
Professional fiduciary service24.09.20201
Professional Investments22.12.20114
Profinvest, Ltd.24.08.20122
Profit Garant, Ltd.24.08.20123
Progress Finance, Ltd.09.06.20112
Progressive Investment Ideas, JSC04.05.20125
Promsvyaz, Ltd.20.12.200252
Prostor Invest27.05.20193
QBF Asset Management07.02.201417
R.I.S., Ltd.14.09.20123
Raiffeisen Capital, Ltd.21.04.200929
Real Estate Capital Ltd02.09.20142
Real Investments, Ltd.31.08.20102
Red Bridge07.04.201713
Red Gate22.04.20151
Region Asset Management22.05.200210
Region Development, Ltd.21.08.200828
Region Finance14.09.20126
REGION Trust, Ltd.15.08.200223
RegionFinanceResource, JSC08.12.200922
RegoinGasFinance, Ltd.27.12.200019
Reserve Asset Managment, Ltd.18.02.201012
Retirement savings10.03.20103
RFC Capital, Ltd.24.12.200213
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