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General information
Fund nameURALSIB Professional
Registration number0053-56612554
Asset Management CompanyURALSIB, JSC
Sector / SpecializationAll Russian Equity
Registration date27.04.2001
Inception date24.07.2001
Minimum investments15.05 USD
Specialized depositoryBaltic Financial Agency, JSC
Specialized registrarJSC Independent Registrar Company
Fund profile
Balance between investments in stocks and bonds is revised regularly based on a comparison of risk and expected return in the next 3-6 months. Selection of specific issuers and issues of securities shall be made by maximum potential. Preference for highly liquid instruments.
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Other funds of URALSIB, JSC
URALSIB Conservative53 235 783.15
URALSIB Energy Perspective4 064 211.19
Uralsib Finansist193 676.56
URALSIB First49 839 641.19
URALSIB Global Bonds2 637 251.99
Uralsib Global Bonds499 152.00
URALSIB Global innovation2 306 152.25
URALSIB Global shares679 504.60
URALSIB Growing stocks74 985 659.76
URALSIB Natural resources2 095 222.65
Uralsib Oil131 552.88
Uralsib OPLOT501 064.15
URALSIB Precious metals1 995 626.94
URALSIB Professional7 034 220.16
Uralsib STOIK-Equties301 933.77
Uralsib STOIK-Exchange Assets413 657.99
Uralsib STOIK-Global Technology524 782.67
Uralsib STOIK-Gold327 716.01
Uralsib TITAN421 529.19
Urarsib STOIK976 689.18
Total NAV, USD203 165 028.28
Investfunds Rating (28.09.2018)
Higher results of asset management in comparison with market benchmark
Rating-list: Non-sectoral mixed funds
Rating methodic
Performance and NAV dynamics, USD
17.01.20191 month3 month1 year3 year
Share166.84 USD1.22%-1.05%-11.69%65.78%
NAV7 034 220.16 USD-0.24%-3.37%35.31%103.39%
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Analytical ratios
Sharpe ratioSortino ratioVaRVolatilityR2α-coeffβ-coeff