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Agricultural Association Progress (AMC RSHB Asset Management)
Fund for qualified investors

General information
Fund nameAgricultural Association Progress
Registration number3311
Asset Management CompanyRSHB Asset Management
Registration date11.05.2017
Inception date06.07.2017
Other funds of RSHB Asset Management
Agricultural Association Progress Fund for qualified investors only-
Development Fund for qualified investors only-
RAB - Best Industry13 449 823.47
RSHB - Balanced Fund33 613 403.63
RSHB - Bond Fund115 531 900.90
RSHB - currency bonds2 571 642.84
RSHB - Gold, silver, platinum891 639.50
RSHB - Stock Fund5 747 346.87
RSHB - Treasury386 351.00
Total NAV, USD172 192 108.21
Performance and NAV dynamics, USD

Data on funds for qualified investors is not disclosed due to the legislation requirements.