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Paradigm (AMC Pragma Capital, Ltd.)
Fund for qualified investors

General information
Fund nameParadigm
Registration number3497
Asset Management CompanyPragma Capital, Ltd.
StatusAsset raising not started
Registration date10.05.2018
Specialized depositoryGarant, Special castodian company
Specialized registrarGarant, Special castodian company
Other funds of Pragma Capital, Ltd.
Artfond5 054 852.12
Barguzin195 663.80
Christmas3 730 271.45
Collective property1 442 716.19
FIPZ Fund for qualified investors only-
Forum11 799 113.80
Imperial - a private investor Fund for qualified investors only-
Imperial - Project Fund Fund for qualified investors only-
Imperial - Real Estate Fund 16 321 747.39
Krasnogorie77 575 735.42
Paradigm Fund for qualified investors only-
Perspective70 160 588.61
Pragmatik1 069 068.87
Zmey Gorynych207 553.63
Total NAV, USD177 557 311.28
Performance and NAV dynamics, USD

Data on funds for qualified investors is not disclosed due to the legislation requirements.