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OTKRYTIYE Capital (AMC OTKRITIE Asset Management Ltd.)
Fund for qualified investors

General information
Fund nameOTKRYTIYE Capital
Registration number3991-СД
Asset Management CompanyOTKRITIE Asset Management Ltd.
Registration date12.03.2020
Inception date22.05.2020
Specialized depositoryGarant, Special castodian company
Specialized registrarGarant, Special castodian company
Other funds of OTKRITIE Asset Management Ltd.
Alpina Fund for qualified investors only-
First Trust Fund for qualified investors only-
Imperial Bridge4 630 018.09
OTKRITIE - Balanced420 082.40
Otkritie - Bonds88 807 091.12
Otkritie - Equities22 922 858.05
OTKRITIE - Eurobonds6 144 485.97
Otkritie - Global investment2 302 093.48
OTKRITIE - Gold2 190 172.76
Otkritie - Innovation Leaders2 131 006.23
Otkritie - MOEX Russia Index7 609 060.82
Otkritie – Overseas Property279 624.95
OTKRYTIYE Capital Fund for qualified investors only-
OTKRYTIYE Emerging Markets Eurobonds Fund for qualified investors only-
Second trust Fund for qualified investors only-
Total NAV, USD137 436 493.87
Performance and NAV dynamics, USD

Data on funds for qualified investors is not disclosed due to the legislation requirements.