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CompanyBrokerCreditService Asset Management
Date of license issue*25.06.2002
License number*21-000-1-00071
License finish date*Termless
Tel.(383) 210-50-20
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* - License on operations with investment funds, mutual funds and non-government pension funds
BCS Asset Management Company was established in 2000. The Company is the asset management arm of BCS Financial Group.
The Company’s key areas of activity are trust management, mutual funds, retirement and insurance assets management. The Company’s assets under management account for RUR 18.7bln as of December, 31, 2018. The Company provides financial services to 35 thousands of customers, individuals and legal entities, in more than 50 offices across Russia.
In May 2018, BCS Asset Management Company was awarded a Rating of Reliability and Services Quality at the "A" level from RAEX Rating Agency (Expert RA). The rating forecast is "Stable".
In December 2018, BCS Asset Management Company got the “Financial Elite of Russia 2018” award, nomination “Mutual Fund of the Year”.
Funds of BrokerCreditService Asset Management
BCS Basis10 993 640.97
BCS Empire10 750 294.44
BCS Fundamental Choice5 135 709.54
BCS International Bonds7 584 277.71
BCS Perspective6 220 420.73
BCS Precious metals2 781 892.31
BCS Russian Eurobonds1 834 859.50
BCS Russian Stocks6 444 469.02
Real Estate of Pension Fund1 920 410.48
XXII century1 277 718.96
Total NAV54 943 693.66