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Type - Open-end, Category – Miscellaneous
21.07.20161 month3 month1 year
Share15.96 USD3.47%4.50%1.68%
NAV2 803 801.78 USD3.49%4.16%3.25%

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Indexes and statistics

IF-EG (Equity funds)1 310.97 (+0.62%)
IF-FI (Fixed income funds)2 311.14 (-0.05%)
IF-MM (Money market funds)1 923.43 (+0.02%)
IF-OG (Oil & Gas funds)1 795.89 (+0.88%)
IF-PE (Power industry funds)421.59 (+0.48%)
IF-Me (Metallurgy funds)569.37 (+1.83%)
IF-Te (Telecom funds)1 700.04 (+0.88%)

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