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Asset Management CompanyDate of license issueWeb site Number of funds
Interstroy Ltd11.12.20141
Intertrade, Ltd.30.05.20061
Invest Management Center14.05.201313
Invest-Ural, Ltd.12.08.201011
Investment management26.08.199616
Investment managment center, Ltd.11.02.20103
Investment Strategy, Ltd.26.01.20125
Investments and innovations26.02.20132
Investstroy, JSC26.10.201018
IQG Asset Management JSC 04.08.20115
ITS Group Asset Management21.02.20122
JS Capital Co., Ltd.31.12.20142
JSC «Alfa-Capital Alternative investments»08.04.20085
Kalita Business House, Ltd.02.11.20126
Kremlin, Ltd.02.12.20083
KRSK-Asset Management11.10.20123
Kuban Asset Management, JSC14.02.200916
Land Capital, Ltd.10.06.20093
Libra Capital, JSC06.10.20097
Lider, JSC17.12.200213
LLC Savings Management26.06.20008
Long-term investment01.12.20147
Management Center, JSC07.02.20018
Management company «ВС-Savings», ltd.22.12.20114
Management-consulting, Ltd.19.11.20019
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