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Alfa Capital, Ltd.

About asset management company

CompanyAlfa Capital, Ltd.
Address32 build. 1, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, Moscow, Russia
Date of license issue*22.09.1998
License number*21-000-1-00028 
License finish date*Termless
Tel.(495) 797-31-52, (495) 797-31-52
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* - License on operations with investment funds, mutual funds and non-government pension funds
Alfa Capital was registered by Moscow Registering Chamber on September 26, 1996. Alfa capital manages investment portfolios for a broad variety of clients – pension funds, insurance companies, Russian and foreign corporate clients, and private investors.

Alfa Capital is a member of National League of Asset Management Companies (self-regulatory organization) created in 2001 with purpose of setting and obeying high standards of professional activity in asset management.

Alfa Capital is a part of consortium Alfa-Group.

Funds of Alfa Capital, Ltd.
Alfa - Capital Brands348 486.31
Alfa Capital26 833 221.81
Alfa Capital Equity Growth 6 409 193.68
Alfa Capital Fixed Income Plus Fund 134 757 316.16
Alfa Capital Gold1 297 334.39
Alfa Capital MICEX Index 3 935 003.13
Alfa Capital Reserve Fund 115 422 046.21
Alfa Capital Resources6 494 478.51
Alfa Capital Strategic Investments20 595.41
Alfa Capital Trade1 440 113.26
Alfa-Capital Balance13 607 293.18
Alfa-Capital Eurobonds38 986 174.01
Alfa-Capital Infrastructure1 368 877.98
Alfa-Capital Liquid shares24 570 351.86
Alfa-Capital Technologies10 893 018.05
Business South Fund for qualified investors only-
Business-RealEstate 01.10 Fund for qualified investors only-
Development Plus Fund for qualified investors only-
Jilaya nedvijimost 01.102 746 023.14
South Fund for qualified investors only-
TST-finance Fund for qualified investors only-
Total NAV389 129 527.09 *

- Fund for qualified investors

* - Funds for qualified investors are not included